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Sodium Hydroxide Solutions

One of the most commonly used raw materials in biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes is sodium hydroxide. Sodium hydroxide solutions are used for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Facility and equipment sanitization
  • Chromatography column cleaning, sanitization and storage
  • pH adjustment of process streams

Our sodium hydroxide solutions start with multicompendial grade sodium hydroxide pellets and validated USP water to produce a wide range of concentrations. Standard concentrations are available as well as any custom concentration required for your unique application. All products are manufactured under cGMP with a validated manufacturing process that has the capacity to produce single lots of up to 6,000 liters. Sodium hydroxide solutions are packaged in three standard sizes ranging from 4 liter to 200 liter. Custom packaging and unit dose fills are also available to support your individual raw material delivery application.

PharmaPUR® Sodium Hydroxide Solutions

Product Product Number Package Sizes
Sodium Hydroxide, 0.5 N 7668GMP 4 L, 19 L, 200 L
Sodium Hydroxide, 1 N 7670GMP 4 L, 19 L, 200 L
Sodium Hydroxide, 5 N 7672GMP 4 L, 19 L, 200 L
Sodium Hydroxide, 10 N 7674GMP 4 L, 19 L, 200 L
Sodium Hydroxide, 25% 7676GMP 4 L, 19 L, 200 L
Sodium Hydroxide, 50% 7678GMP 4 L, 19 L, 200 L

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