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Brand / Purity Designations

PharmaPUR®—cGMP-manufactured chemicals, cGMP-manufactured solutions and blends, and products with single compendial designations

MultiPUR®—Regulated compendial chemicals that are cGMP-manufactured and meet more than one compendia such as any product that is USP/NF and meets EP, BP, or JP

BioPUR®—Non-GMP-manufactured chemicals, non-GMP-manufactured solutions and blends that are typically sold and used in the pharmaceutical and/or biopharmaceutical industry

ChemPUR® ACS Reagent—Reagents meeting the requirements of the American Chemical Society (ACS)

ChemPUR® Reagent—High quality chemicals used for laboratory and industry that have no ACS compendial monograph

ElectroPUR® SEMI—Products typically used in the semiconductor industry that meet SEMI (Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International) grade

Electronic—Products typically used in the semiconductor industry where no SEMI standard exists or do not meet SEMI standard

Technical—Suitable for industrial use to include products with limited specifications where impurities may not be characterized

Applications of our chemicals:

  • Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical processes:
    • As excipients
    • As cleaning agents
  • Laboratory applications as reagents for analysis
  • Semiconductor applications for processing microelectronic and electronic products
  • Industrial applications

These chemicals include acids, bases, solvents, salts, and solutions/dilutions of these types of chemicals. Also these types of chemicals can be blended together in a variety of ways to meet your specific application needs.