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Supply Chain Security

Supply chain security and risk mitigation are critical in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and semiconductor industries. You can have confidence in our commitment to the management and security of the supply chain for all compendial, cGMP-manufactured and semiconductor materials and packaging.

For all Puritan Products brand products, we utilize industry best practices to monitor and maintain a robust supply chain program that ensures a constant and consistent supply of quality raw materials. We believe that provenance is relevant both up and down the chain. For the pharmaceutical industry, the only acceptable products are those with a clear, comprehensive provenance.

Supplier Audits

Suppliers of cGMP materials and select others are physically audited by our team of trained auditors on a prescribed cycle in order to gain and maintain their approved status. Our process includes action plans to monitor and track supplier performance and encourage corrective and preventive actions as needed. As a condition of approval, suppliers must commit to develop and execute a management of change (MOC) program. Subsequently, we can evaluate and notify you of that change following our own MOC program.


To mitigate risks we employ manufacturing techniques that ensure lot-to-lot consistency and products that meet the quality, purity, and reproducibility that you need.

Tamper Evident Packaging

All GMP-manufactured products include tamper evident seals to protect their integrity.

Customer Audits

We welcome customer audits of our facility and quality systems. We encourage a partnership which benefits both the customer and us by reducing risk and promoting a culture of continuous improvement of our plant and processes.

Internal Audits

At Puritan Products we conduct internal audits to verify our compliance with ISO 9001:2008 and with cGMP regulations. The results of these audits allow us to identify corrective or preventive actions and exercise continuous improvements of our processes.

Management of Change

Our robust MOC program allows you to minimize risk by providing advanced notice of changes in manufacturing processes and other parameters from both our suppliers and us.

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