Management of Change

Change is the only constant in life.”—Heraclitus, Greek Philosopher.

Given that change can’t be avoided, Puritan Products helps to minimize the risks of changes in your chemical supply chain with our Management of Change (MOC) process. We actively identify changes both internally (our processes), and externally (our suppliers’ processes). We require our suppliers to have an MOC program to which we subscribe. Subsequently, we quickly notify the appropriate personnel in your organization.

You will receive an Management of Change letter from Puritan Products if you have registered for Puritan Products’ Management of Change (MOC) program or if you have purchased an affected product directly through Puritan Products within the past three years. If product is sold through distribution channels, the key personnel in the distribution channel will be notified.

The letter will include the reason for the change, the details of the change, and the proposed date of implementation of the change.

To enroll in our Management of Change program, click here.