Business Continuity Planning

Puritan Products has implemented a Business Continuity Plan to support manufacturing and business continuity at our corporate headquarters in Bethlehem, PA.  Business Continuity Planning was developed to prevent business interruptions, to minimize their impact, and to swiftly recover should an interruption take place. A business interruption is defined as a sudden event causing significant injury or loss of life, extensive property damage, or inability to meet our customers’ business needs and requirements.

In the normal course of business, many processes have interruption prevention elements built in. These processes are taken into account and are as follows:

  • Risk management procedures
  • Safety and training audits
  • Process design
  • Written procedures
  • Training of employees
  • Fire drills
  • Emergency response teams
  • Local and state emergency response teams
  • SDS’s
  • Label information
  • Package design
  • Building design
  • Use of multiple suppliers
  • Multiple pieces of equipment for production

We constantly invest in improving these procedures, processes and plans in order to help protect your supply chain and minimize supply chain interruption risk.