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pH Buffers & Conductivity Standards

pHBuffers_ConductivityStandards_SecondaryMonitoring both the upstream and downstream processes is essential in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Puritan Products brand cGMP-manufactured pH buffers and conductivity standards enable reliable and accurate monitoring, prompt process management, and regulatory compliance of your critical biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

All products and measurement standards are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). We utilize mathematical uncertainty principles and error budgets to provide you with an accurate analytical standard. In fact, to ensure our analysis yields a scientifically defensible value, we researched all possible sources of analytical error with regard to each standard we manufacture. You can be confident that Puritan Products brand pH buffer standards and conductivity standards are accurately measured.* Read our position paper on this topic to learn more.

Product Listing—PharmaPUR® pH Buffer Standards:

Product Product Number Packaging
pH 0.50 9742GMP 6 x 500 ml
pH 1.68 9740GMP 6 x 500 ml
pH 3.00 9739GMP 6 x 500 ml
pH 4.00 9745GMP 6 x 500 ml
pH 6.00 9744GMP 6 x 500 ml
pH 6.86 9746GMP 6 x 500 ml
pH 7.00 9735GMP 6 x 500 ml
pH 8.00 9743GMP 6 x 500 ml
pH 10.00 9736GMP 6 x 500 ml
pH 12.47 9737GMP 6 x 500 ml
pH 13.00 9741GMP 6 x 500 ml
pH 4.0—RED 9749GMP 6 x 500 ml
pH 7.0—YELLOW 9747GMP 6 x 500 ml
pH 10.0—BLUE 9748GMP 6 x 500 ml

Product Listing—PharmaPUR® Conductivity Standards:

Product NumberConductivity
Product Number
10 µS/cm 900192GMP12,856 µS/cm901092GMP
20 µS/cm900692GMP20,000 µS/cm901192GMP
75 µS/cm900792GMP30,000 µS/cm901292GMP
100 µS/cm900292GMP40,000 µS/cm901392GMP
200 µS/cm902092GMP50,000 µS/cm901492GMP
250 µS/cm900892GMP58,650 µS/cm901692GMP
500 µS/cm902992GMP70,000 µS/cm901792GMP
1000 µS/cm900392GMP100,000 µS/cm901892GMP
2000 µS/cm900992GMP175,000 µS/cm900592GMP
10,000 µS/cm900492GMP200,000 µS/cm902292GMP

For more specific information on these products, visit our homepage and click on the pH Buffers or the Conductivity Standards box under the Category section on the right side of the page.

*Results are reported as described in Guide to Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement, ISO, Geneva, 1993.

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