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Biological Buffer Salts

PharmaPUR® Biological Buffer Salts

Biological buffers are used in upstream and downstream applications for maintaining pH and protein stability, protein solubilization and refolding, and column cleaning. Puritan Products brand line of PharmaPUR™ cGMP-manufactured and compendial biological buffers with full supply chain transparency, endotoxin testing, cell culture testing, no detectable enzymes, low heavy metal content, and low insolubles.

BioPUR® Zwitterionic Buffers

BioPUR® is our grade of non-GMP manufactured Zwitterionic Buffers for biopharmaceutical manufacturing applications. Each lot is fully analyzed using validated analytical methods, has low metal content, and contains no detectable enzymes.

Product Listing—Biological Buffers, Chaotropic Agents and BioReagents:

Product Product Number Grade Package Sizes
Ammonium Sulfate, NF 3514GMP NF 1, 10, 25 kg poly
Ammonium Sulfate 38% Solution 3540GMP GMP Reagent 200L poly drum
Guanidine Hydrochloride 3108GMP GMP Reagent 1, 10, 25 kg poly
Guanidine Hydrochloride 6M Solution 3110GMP GMP Reagent 200L poly drum
HEPES 2200GMP GMP Reagent 1, 10, 25 kg poly
MES, Monohydrate 2112GMP GMP Reagent 1, 10, 25 kg poly
MOPS 2212GMP GMP Reagent 1, 10, 25 kg poly
TRIS (Tromethamine), USP, EP 4010GMP USP, EP 1, 10, 25 kg poly
TRIS Hydrochloride 4012GMP GMP Reagent 1, 10, 25 kg poly
Urea, USP, EP 8650GMP USP, EP 1, 10, 25 kg poly

General Applications for Biological Buffer Salts

Electrophoresis Enzyme Purification Molecular Biology Protein Denaturants
HEPES, Free Acid Guanidine Hydrochloride Guanidine Hydrochloride Guanidine Hydrochloride
MES, Monohydrate TRIS Hydrochloride TRIS (Tromethamine) TRIS Hydrochloride
TRIS (Tromethamine) Urea Urea
TRIS Hydrochloride

Biological Buffer Salts by Type

Good’s Buffers Zwitterionic Buffers
HEPES, Free Acid HEPES, Free Acid
MES, Monohydrate MES, Monohydrate
MOPS, Free Acid MOPS, Free Acid
TRIS (Tromethamine)

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