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Fuming Nitric Acid and Fuming Sulfuric Acid

We are well known as a producer and supplier of fuming nitric acid and fuming sulfuric acid. These acids are commonly used in the semiconductor industry for decapsulation and failure analysis. They are also used to make explosives and as rocket fuel. The fuming nitric acid is available in concentrations of 90% and 98%, while the fuming sulfuric acid is offered in concentrations of 15% and 20%. All packaging is UN/IMDG compliant.

Product Listing—Fuming Nitric Acid and Fuming Sulfuric Acid:

Product Product Number Package Sizes
Nitric Acid Fuming, 90% 2713 400mL, 2.5L
Nitric Acid Fuming, 98% 2712 400mL
Sulfuric Acid Fuming, 15% 2891 500mL, 2.5L
Sulfuric Acid Fuming, 20% 2889 500mL, 2.5L
Ancillary Products
N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidinone, ElectroPUR™ SEMI 4497 2.5L
Acetone, ElectroPUR™ SEMI 2441 2.5L
Isopropyl Alcohol, ElectroPUR™ SEMI 3031 2.5L
Sulfuric Acid, ElectroPUR™ SEMI 2877 500mL

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