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Contract Manufacturing

We have well-established, proven contract manufacturing experience with major suppliers in the pharmaceutical, reagent, microelectronics and other industrial manufacturing markets. We have designed and built custom equipment that offers maximum manufacturing flexibility, including solids addition and filtration options, in our ISO-certified and GMP-compliant facilities.

Learn about the benefits of outsourcing the manufacturing of your chemical intermediates, final product or high purity cleaning chemistries:

  • Cost savings and reduced total cost of ownership. We invest in the capital equipment, analytical testing, and skilled labor required so you don’t have to. Our relationships with raw material suppliers also allow us to get high quality raw materials at lower prices.
  • Supply chain security and risk mitigation. We take the time to audit suppliers to ensure their quality systems and products meet ours and, ultimately, your standards.
  • EH&S. Outsourcing the production of hazardous solutions minimizes your safety-related risks and costs, improves employee safety, and may reduce your lost time incidents.

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