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cGMP Manufacturing

cGMP Manufacturing means more than just the FDA regulations—it is the foundation of the Puritan Products brand.

From raw material selection to robust operating procedures and proven quality systems with investigation of quality deviations if they happen, we all contribute to providing chemical raw materials that meet the needs of the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries.

The Puritan Products brand can help you reduce internal costs of manufacturing, improve supply chain security and minimize supply chain risks. Our analytical capabilities and quality management systems help to ensure that your products are consistent, lot-to-lot and year-to-year. Our processes have been challenged by some of the world’s largest companies, and our quality systems have received successful audits by many of the top Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies. Learn more about Avantor and its commitment to quality.

Explore our cGMP products

PharmaPUR® — cGMP-manufactured chemicals, solutions and blends, and products with single compendial designations.

MultiPUR® — Regulated compendial chemicals that are cGMP-manufactured and meet more than one compendia such as any product that is USP/NF and meets EP, BP, or JP.