P2 Advantage

Since 1987, we have provided outstanding service and quality because we believe in providing our customers with the service and quality we want for ourselves.  We go out of our way to get you the products that you want, in the concentrations and package that you want them, and delivered when you need them.

  • The P2 Advantage includes a manufacturing facility that is cGMP compliant, ISO 9001:2008 certified, and FDA registered and inspected.
    • This facility is overseen by a dedicated quality department that monitors employee training and compliance with procedures makes sure that all processes have procedures that are up-to-date and followed, and that all equipment is safe and maintained at a high level.
  • The P2 Advantage also includes a team of experts with over 100 years of combined chemical manufacturing experience that knows how to get things done quickly, correctly and safely.
    • In fact, Puritan Products recently completed its second year with zero OSHA recordable incidents and Puritan has never had a reportable release of hazardous materials.
  • Are you concerned about the security of your chemical supply chain?
    • The fact that Puritan Products can offer rigorously qualified true second sources for many of the products you use can help you mitigate the risks of running out of critical raw materials.  If you are simply looking for another supplier of an already approved bulk source, we can do that too.  The P2 Advantage is reduced vulnerability and proven quality.
  • Are you making acid, base, or salt solutions, dissolutions, and dilutions in-house for use in your manufacturing processes or clean-in-place applications?
    • Could you make better use of that equipment or space?
    • Are you concerned about exposing your employees to hazardous chemicals and conditions?
    • Have you produced batches that didn’t meet specifications and then had to be disposed of?
    • Could the chemical operators making these solutions and the laboratory people testing the solutions be used more effectively working on products that contribute directly to your revenue stream?
    • Puritan Products can make these solutions, dissolutions, and dilutions to the exact specifications you require.  We can put these materials in totes, drums, pails, and bottles depending on your needs.  You will have product Certificates of Analysis with product expiration dates, and OSHA / GHS compliant labeling on the packaging for easy hazard identification.  The P2 Advantage provides you with high quality products at a total cost of ownership that can reduce your overhead and increase your profits.

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