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A Team With Decades of Experience, Dedicated to Understanding and Serving Your Process Chemical Needs


Puritan Products was founded in 1987 by Lou DiRenzo, President and CEO.  Over the years, Lou has had a knack for surrounding himself with highly qualified, motivated, and creative people who believe in providing our customers with the service and quality we would want for ourselves.

Quality Assurance Team:

Our Quality Assurance team is led by Jennifer Goodman, Senior Director of Quality and Regulatory Affairs.  Jennifer has over 15 years of experience in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries.  Rounding out the QA team is Stephanie Parisi and Denise Kern, both of whom have extensive experience in quality systems and compliance.  Stephanie Parisi, Quality Engineer, has over 15 years of experience in quality in the pharmaceutical industry.   Denise Kern, Quality & Project Specialist, has over 30 years of experience in quality as it relates to ISO and GMP in the chemical industry.  This very experienced group oversees our compliance with cGMP manufacturing, FDA registration, and ISO 9001.

Operations Team:

Made up of Manufacturing, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, and Maintenance, the Puritan Products operations team is led by Tom Starner, Executive VP & Technical Director and Dave Girdler, VP of Operations. With over 100 years of combined chemical manufacturing experience, the operations management team allows Puritan to evaluate opportunities quickly and bring custom and new products to our customers very rapidly. This group brings to the table:

  • Glenn Coon, Director of Operations, with additional responsibility for the purchasing group, has 40+ years of experience in the specialty chemical industry. Glenn heads up a team consisting of a label and inventory control specialist, a distribution specialist, and a group of highly trained chemical operators with an average of 6 years manufacturing experience. This group works within and is trained under a high performance skills based work system where upward mobility is based on mastery of skills rather than length of service. It provides each operator with an opportunity to grow their skills and offers our customers a group of highly trained personnel to manufacture, package, and ship their orders.
  • A Quality Control Lab, led by Stephanie Pinho, Laboratory Manager, and staffed by chemists, all with a minimum of four-year degrees in the sciences and an average duration of service of 7 years.
  • Experienced Maintenance personnel, with an average of 11 years of service, have had a hand in building much of the plant equipment in-house.   This team is responsible for building and maintaining the plant equipment to meet the stringent standards required of our quality systems.

Commercial Team:

The commercial development team, which includes sales and marketing is chock full of people who have extensive chemical industry experience. This group is being led by Torey Payne, VP of Sales & Marketing with over 16 years in the chemical industry from both a manufacturing and distribution perspective.

  • On the marketing side of the business Donna Long, Director of Marketing, and Erik Nowery, Director of Commercial Operations, have a combined 40 years in the chemical industry.  In addition to marketing, both Donna and Erik have experience in customer and technical service, chemical manufacturing, logistics, and product management.
  • The sales side of the business is growing to facilitate our expansion in the various markets we serve.  Currently, Patrick Henry, Director of Business Development, and Torey Payne are canvassing the United States and beyond to meet with potential and existing customers in an effort to satisfy needs and solve problems.  In Ireland, John Geraghty, Director of Business Development, is focused on all of the biopharmaceutical companies who have set up shop there.  Patrick and John have a combined 50 years of experience in the chemical industry and in the pharma and biopharma industries.

With their extensive experience, the entire commercial development team is situationally fluent in how our various chemical offerings are used in your specific industry.

Customer Service:

The customer service team has an amazing wealth of experience in the chemical industry. Gay Richards has over 20 years of experience, at Puritan, in providing our customers with the kind of service that exceeds customer expectations year after year. Amy Biery has customer service experience in both the chemical and healthcare industries and she brings a process-oriented perspective to the department and the company. Our technical service and digital marketing is provided by Sue Hess who possesses over 20 years of laboratory, sales, and technical service experience in the specialty chemical and gas industries. Sue is also an integral contributor to both the marketing and sales departments.

Accounting Team:

Our Chief Financial Officer, John Dunbar, has a myriad of experience working in industrial settings including the medical device and chemical industries.  His staff includes two accountants—Kayla Smith and Kevin Philips who perform the accounts payable and accounts receivable functions.   Kayla started her accounting career here at Puritan Products while Kevin has over 25 years of experience.